Hairapy by Natalia – Hair Salon – Downtown Seattle

Why Hairapy?

Let your experience in this private hair salon take care of your hair troubles and doubts. There are no bad days, no reservations, no bullshit. With ‘cutting edge’ professional knowledge and a light sprinkle of terrible jokes; I can take you on your journey of style discovery. Hairapy by Natalia offers a variety of cuts, styles and color options so that when you leave the hair salon, you can go on living your best life. 

Throughout my 10 years in the ever-changing industry, one thing I’ve noticed that has always remained the same: the longing for human connection. That sense of relatability, interaction, and validity that many of us miss out on in the modern world today.

Recently it became apparent to me, close friends, and my clients that I just HAD to create a space of my own – a place to inspire, story-tell, and grow.

I want Hairapy to be THAT place; where connection is key and “looking good” is more than just an outer appearance – it’s a feeling!