About me

Oh HI!!

I’m Natalia, born in Miami and lived in Panamá city; although most importantly,  I did most of my growing up in Kona, on the Big Island of Hawai’i! 

Always feeding off sunshine, the ocean and it’s stunning beaches – all while surrounded by people just as warm and tropical as the weather. SOUNDS TERRIBLE, I KNOW. Attire was definitely whatever you felt comfortable in (bathing suit and sandals) because most likely, at the end of your day, you’d be throwing yourself in the ocean to cool off. So you’re in luck,  I have plenty of Aloha in my personality to melt the cold Seattle freeze right off!

In turn, trendy fashion, hair and makeup was NOT a thing on my radar until i was about 20 years old. 

So, why hair you ask?

I began my professional wild hair journey in 2009, and boy, a true wild journey it has been! Let me just tell you, I’ve definitely hit a series with highest of highs (from the first day I could cut a mediocre haircut in school) to those lowest of lows (I failed my hair licensing exam…TWICE. Third time was truly the charm!). However, I am so lucky to have loved every step of the way. #Blessed. The greatest part of all this, is that as trends change, I’ve learned to constantly find new inspirational content to sharpen my skills. I love a good haircutting challenge! 

Stories are cool, and so is getting your hair cut! I’d love to meet you!

“Did we just become best friends?!” – Brennan Huff