Cuts & Styles

Long Haircut – $125 (90min.)
Your current/starting hair length is at or below your shoulders. (A longer bob, longer wolf cut, shaggy mullet, long layers, shag etc.) Maybe you roughly want to maintain your current style, take a a couple inches off, shag things up a bit, add layers or go from a shoulder length cut to a shorter cut around the ears. Maintaining your 12-24 week haircut. Includes a hair wash and finished style!

Medium Haircut – $100 (60min.)
Your current length and/or your longest pieces are between ear lobe length to mid neck. If you are starting with or maintaining a longer pixie, bixie, short 90’s grungy look, short mullet, short wolf cut, short bob, maybe a mix of an undercut and longer hair, or, growing out a variation of those. Think hair lengths of early Johnny Depp, Leo DiCaprio, Halle Berry or Steve Harrington 🙂 Basically maintaining your 8-10 week haircut. Includes wash and finished style!

Short Haircut – $75 (45min.)
Your current hair length is at or above the ear. (Clipper cut, fade, bowl cut, faux hawk, mohawk, crewcut, shorter pixie, etc.) This is a good option if you’re looking to maintain your every 2, 4 or 6 week haircut. Maintaining your 4-6 week haircut. Includes a hair wash, and finished style!

Transform Me! Haircut – $200 (120min.)
This option is for clients with hair that is mid shoulder-blade length or longer and looking to go SUPER SHORT. Maybe you want to donate your hair, maybe you got dared, just for fun, been a while, OR, maybe you’ve discovered your true identity. No matter the reason, you want a BIG CHANGE. (ex. Pixie, bowl cut, jaw-length bob, faded clipper cut, baby mullet, short ‘n’ shaggy cut etc.) Includes a hair wash, and finished style!

Extra Time – $25 (15min)
If you feel you have extra thick and/or long hair. Please add this on to any Medium, Long, Transform me! haircuts and to my blow dry service. This option gives me a bit more time to ensure your haircut and/or finished style are finalized with great detail.

Blow Dry Styling or Silent – $75 (45min.)
No haircut. Includes a hair wash, and the option of a hot tool.
*Please note* All haircuts on my menu already include a blow dry style. This is a stand-alone separate service.

Buzz Cut – $35 (20min)
One clipper guard used all over the head. Includes wash.

Bang Trim – $35 (20min)
Maintenance on face framing bangs, curtain bangs or straight across bangs, etc.
*Please note* All haircuts on my menu already include all forms of bang trims. This is a stand-alone separate service. Does not include a wash, so please come with clean hair!


Color Consultation – FREE
A consultation is required for all new color clients. Please email any color inquiries to:

*Balayage – $300+
Hair painting to create a ‘lived in’ natural look.

*Bleach & Tone – $300+
For all that want to be platinum blonde!

*All-over Color – $250+

*Toner Refresh – $100+
A color pick-me-up!

*Root Touch-Up – $150
Root coverage for previously colored hair that has grown out.

*Root Touch-Up + Toner (Blondes) – $175+
Root coverage and a toner refresh for Platinum blondes! This option is best for blondes with about 1″ to 2″ of roots.

*Color pricing is subject to change depending on the quoted time that is decided during the Color Consultation and will require a credit card on file to make the appointment.

*A Color Consultation must be had before any color services. Please email for any color inquiries.

*There will be a 100% charge for any cancellations and no-shows within 24 hours on all hair services. A valid credit card on file is required at time of booking for all appointments.